Hey guys! This page will have upcoming events and news on it. Check what’s up for Saddle Teens, Federation, Citizen Scientists, and Shooting Sports. Enjoy!


Saddle Teens meetings are always held on the second Thursday of the month; September through May.

Current Saddle Teens officers: Korryn B, President; Mariah C, Vice President; Anna M, Secretary; Vanessa B, Treasurer; Damon H, Parliamentarian, Anna H. and Joel C, Photographers; Ayana V, Historian;  Joyce S. and Jana B, Leaders.

July 29 4-H fun day is CANCELED.

August 11 is the Mercer County General Projects show day at State fair.

August 19 is the horse show at the NWR fair grounds. Anna and I will be presenting the awards.

September 14 Saddle Teens first meeting of the year. Elections will be held on this date.


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