I’ll post more when I can get the pics but Anna and I had so much fun! In fitness class we had challenges and Anna held a plank for 3 minutes and won and I held a superman for 2 minutes and won. My counselor, Julia, held a wall sit for 4 minutes. I won gaga ball once. I think Anna won twice. We had a super fun shaving cream and color war! I still have paint on my head after washing my hair, but it all came out of my hair. Anna has some nice blue highlights. 😛 We were on the blue team. Our team was the smallest with 9 people. Onna forgot to announce who won! I’m annoyed… 🙂 It was probably purple because they were in the lead the last time we checked scores, but we were in second. We won room check only once. After 5 years of camp I’ve finally learned the cup song!! Lol IMG_20170623_110420_648IMG_20170623_110250_654


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