Done with my least favorite subject; science! I did the final exam today and it’s 8 pages long. I didn’t do too bad, but not too hot either; I got an 80%. Sooooo, freedom from my least favorite teacher and subject!!! Thanks for praying I’d do well, Nat!


Oh, last night we had our last 4-H meeting of the year and I brought Wonka. Everyone loved him! One girl was like, “That looks like a chinchilla! It’s a chinchilla. PLEASE tell me it’s a chinchilla!” LOL

wonka resized.jpg
I ❤ chinchillas

22 thoughts on “FREEDOM!

            1. yeah. that’s why I brought him last night. so sad you couldn’t be there. hey idk if anna saw the fb message, but could y’all bring the silent spy game since anna has finished it because cheese and i want to play it together? thanks so much

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