Today we went to Lagomarcino’s for lunch. Then we went and enrolled for school next year.  Anna, Damon, and Joel: can y’all believe we are going into our freshman year???!?!!?!!?!?!?

My sis, Joel and me
High school, already???

48 thoughts on “Today

  1. Hey, this has nothing to do with this post, but I’ve finished The Silent Spy game and am almost done with Alibi in Ashes, but I’m STUCK! What do I do after I get out of jail and have talked to everyone? I found the stuff that started the fire in Brenda’s news van, but idk what to do after that haha.

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    1. um, I haven’t played that one in a while but let me think. Have you fixed the video of Bess talking yet so that you can hear what Deirdre is saying? (By the way, if you open and shut that basket in brendas van enough times you’ll get a bonus easter egg) Unfortunately, My old computer account crashed so I don’t have all my progress saved or I’d load where you’re at and try to figure it out. Have you talked to everyone as much as you can? What About the old geezer, I forget his name.

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    2. has Brenda’s van pulled away from the curb yet? You need to talk to the antique guy about a book that’s on the wall beside that trunk in his shop. He’ll tell you about the tunnels.

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    3. you know, you could call me if you want. do you know our house phone number? if this is easier than calling that’s fine. It’s up to you.


    4. I don’t know if you’ll see this in time, so I might have mom fb message you, but since you are done with silent spy, can you bring it tonight because Anna wants to play one with me. 😀


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