How do y’all deal with wasps? We get them so bad around here every summer, it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t help that I’m super, SUPER scared of them. lol I opened the mailbox and reached into it to get the mail and a wasp flew. My knees got all weak, I thought I was going to get stung! Ugh, they’re terrible.



24 thoughts on “Wasps

  1. Get the spray! We just had wasps in our coop, so dad sprayed and they were gone! I’m really scared of them too! I once got stung three times by a couple of wasps! 😬

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  2. Same here! We have them horrible on the side of our house and in our pool fence, they fly out when were eating on the porch! UGH!! I have heard of traps. I wanna try those. You can also put raw meat out with that fake sugar stuff, and it should kill them cause there carnivores. Hope that helps 🙂

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