yo, here’s the answers!

  1. What is my favorite state?
  2. Do I collect anything?
  3. What is my most common nickname?
  4. What’s my favorite subject?
  5. What’s my favorite color?
  6. What church did I go to (quite a while ago) before Grace?
  7. What was my horses’ name?
  8. What was our first pet deer’s name?
  9. Who is my favorite character in LOTR?
  10. Do I prefer Zelda or Princess Peach?
  11. What instrument(s) do I play?
  12. How long have I been in 4-H?
  13. How long have I been involved in YouthHope?
  14. What is the name of my pretend sister, who my mom day-cared when she was little?
  15. How old was I when I first went to NWR?
  16. Who was my middle name named after?
  17. What city was I born in?
  18. Would I rather shoot guns or bows?
  19. What color are my eyes?
  20. What offices have I held in Saddle Teens?
  21. What is my birthday?
  22. What year did I shoot my first deer?
  23. Would I rather have cheesecake or pie?
  24. What is my best friend’s middle name?
  25. Who is my favorite of my current teachers?

here’s the answers.

  1. AL
  2. Bouncy balls, coins, agates.
  3. Mac
  4. math
  5. blue
  6. Pilgrim Nazarene
  7. Buttermilk
  8. Lily
  9. Samwise
  10. Zelda! I hate princess peach
  11. guitar and piano
  12. 4 years
  13. 5 years
  14. Taylor Colson
  15. 1 year old
  16. my grandma on my dad’s side
  17. Rock Island
  18. bows!
  19. hazel
  20. Vice President, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Historian
  21. Jan 14
  22. 2015
  23. pie, i don’t like cheesecake
  24. Linn!
  25. Mr Zila.

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