Crusade of Tears- Charles David Baker

Here it is! My first book review on FarmGirl14! I’ve never done this before, so sorry if it isn’t very good. 🙂

Some quick facts:

  • This is actually two books put into one.
  • Journey of Souls series
  • 613 pages
  • River Oak publishing

The Crusade of Tears is a novel based off of the Children’s Crusade. It starts off in the home of the three main characters, Wil, Karl, and little Maria. Wil is a moody 17-year-old who does his best to support his sick mother and little siblings. His father left for war 6 years prior and never returned. Karl is the cheerful 9-year-old with a faith much stronger than his brother’s, and a heart that is always trying to please. Maria is a super sweet little girl of 5, always helping to the best of her limited ability, which is due to a deformed arm. They are the baker’s children (kind of funny, considering the author’s name).

The crusade started when a young boy named Nicholas had a vision of an army of children recapturing the Holy Land. Priests told the children that the future of God’s chosen people rested on them. Anyone who didn’t want to go was bullied into going, and was told they had no faith. Wil didn’t want to go at all, but gave in to Karl’s pleading and a priest’s threatening. Along the way, they meet an old “priest” who was not exactly a priest anymore because he fought with his superiors and was thrown out. His name is Pieter, and he has a faithful dog named Solomon. They join the children to try to help them on their way. Progressively, more children keep joining their group, much to the annoyance of Wil, who has to try to feed them all, while leading the expedition. You end up having a group of well-known children who are the main focus, and others who you don’t really get to know. The main group consists of Wil, Karl, Maria, Frieda, Anna, Tomas, Gertrude, and Georg. There are some others who come and go. The kids get into a lot of scrapes. Fever plagues them, taking some of their lives. They have to try to survive by begging when they come to villages, and by relying on God.

Reading this book is helpful because, while it’s an exciting novel full of adventure and peril, it’s also a good history lesson. You become very close to the children, and I dare you try to read it without crying! This book challenges us to live our faith and look up to God. He is always in control. Even in the end, He saves them from the terrible fate most of the children suffered who made it to the Promised Land. I won’t say any more, cause I don’t want to spoil it for y’all. You need to read it!

This book may be too intense for younger readers. I would suggest maybe 12+ or older if you’re very sensitive.

This book is life-changing. The children’s faith is astounding for all that they went through. I give it 5/5 stars!   ❤



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