Our Bible lesson today was on Gideon. (We are going through Judges; Gideon’s story begins in chapter 6)

I thought this would make a good post to share, as the lesson was very good.

Our teacher, Mr. Fitch, explained how Gideon had a lack of faith. He needed God to prove miracles to him twice before he would believe.  His lack of faith and courage showed itself all throughout his life. He ended up worshiping idols after all the mighty works God had done through him!

So it made me wonder, how often do we set out fleeces before God? How often do we need Him to prove something to us that he’s been telling us over and over before we act on it? If we listen to God He will tell us what He wants without us needing it proven. Faith is believing without seeing, and God loves faith. Believe in faith and don’t second-guess God


I stole this from Natalie or Alex a while ago. Thanks! 🙂

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