Best Friend Time

Yesterday, I got to hang out with my best friend Anna. We went to Ross, J C Penny, and out to eat. We got matching shirts at J C Penny that we really like. After that we went to play practice and had a bunch of fun there. It was a bit scary in one of the songs because the two girls before me who lead the marching and stuff were gone, so guess who got to lead- ME! Ahhh! It’s really hard to do in the first place, because everybody has to be in perfect step. The step is opposite of that in marching bands and stuff, because it is right foot first, you naturally want to put left foot first.  It is even harder when you are leading it!!  Oh well, I guess I did okay, I didn’t get yelled at. However, we redid the song, “Whadayasay” 4 or maybe it was 5 times. Jan wasn’t very happy. LOL!Anna and me.jpg


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