We did it!!!

Way to go Mercer County Republicans! Not only did Mercer County have a huge rating for Trump, we got TEN Republican seats to ZERO Democratic seats on the county board! Congratulations to Dan Swanson, who absolutely slammed Bill Butts for state representative! Also, to our good friends the Hawns, Dena Hawn won for county board! I got to go to a Dan Swanson party last night. It was cool. The best news is Trump won!!!!!!!!!!! Our guns and rights are safe from Hillary! 😀 Dan Swanson and me.jpg


9 thoughts on “We did it!!!

    1. Maybe. I’m not so sure. All the fraud wont stop just cause we finally got a Republican- and a very liberal one at that. Trump may try to get her in the slammer, but remember how good of friends they were. 😉 Just sayin


      1. Oh they’re not friends anymore! He was simply friends with everybody to benefit his business. Now he wants to get rid of corruption. As far as fraud goes, they won’t be able to get away with it like before.


          1. Yes you have to understand how important it is for him to be a good sport in front of the nation. It probably made him sick too


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